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SlackUpdate is a bash script that can be used to check for, download, and install Slackware updates.

SlackUpdate currently supports: Slackware 8.1 - current

Requirements: cat, md5sum, cut, echo, grep, ls, mkdir, rm, sed, tr, upgradepkg, wget
(all of these should be on a Slackware system by default)

Screenshot: 0.7.1

- Multiple server support
- Multiple Runlevel support
- Auto update mode Runlevel 2 (root only, be careful)
- Command line options for preferred server and runlevel
- Command line option for more verbosity
- Checks for newer versions of slackupdate script
0.8.0: Latest stable release of the SlackUpdate script.
slackupdate-0.7.1-noarch-1.tgz: Slackware install package with documentation
slackupdate_0.7.1.tar.gz: Package with documentation
Changes in slackupdate
0.8.0   03.11.2016
        - Works on 64bit.  Lots of other bug fixes.  I've been using this in house for years.
          Sorry it's taken so long to get it out there.  This will probably be the final
          release unless something breaks down the road.
0.7.4   11.02.2010
        - Fixed a txz cleanup issue with the temp directory by moving system_version_check up
          (Thanks David Fletcher)
0.7.3	08.28.2009
	- Compatibility with txz format in Slackware 13.0
	- NOT WORKING ON SLACKWARE 64 (Yet) but soon
0.7.2   12.19.2007
        - Fixed blacklists for non-privileged users
        - Updated server lists
        - Fixed minor bug in update system
0.7.1	10.24.2005
	- Released Version 0.7.1
        - Moved to new server and updated the update-check links.
        - Majorly revamped upgrade.  No longer uninstalls previous packages
	- Fixed RunLevel error with upgrade (Florian Mueller)
	- Improved upgrade to work better for slackware-current users
	- Upgrade checks against blacklist before adding/removing old packages
0.7.0	02.14.2005
	- Released Version 0.7.0
	- Better error reporting (Paul Kairis)
	- Better way to implement color (Thanks Niklas Volbers)
	- Added Support for GPG checking instead of MD5
	- Defaults to GPG for file checking if not found will still
	  check files with MD5
	- Added blacklist option for packages that should not be
          updated (Thanks Leandro Sagliocco)
	- Made color support optional (Thanks Jim Bottino)
	- Added support for prozilla (Thanks Matthias G√ľntert)
	- Rewrote the downloading code
	- Better verbosity
	- Separate -current version updates from the stable updates
0.6.2   03.12.2004
	- Slackware current systems no longer required to update using -u
	- Upgrade -u option will now do a check for all packages that did not
	  exist in the previous version of slackware and add package names for
	- Lilo reminder for manual updates
	- Misc bug fixes
0.6.1	11.11.2003
	- /etc/rc.d/*.new renaming works when upgrading
	- More info given in verbose mode -v (Thanks Mike Insch)
	- Faster match_packages function (Thanks Mike Insch)
	- Added upgrade -u support for Slackware 8.1 - current (Experimental)
	  - 8.1 -> 9.1 (Tested) (manualy update the /etc .new files)
	  - 9.0 -> 9.1 (Tested) (manualy update the /etc .new files)
	  - 8.1 -> current (untested)
	  - 9.0 -> current (untested)
	  - 9.1 -> current (Tested)  (manualy update the /etc .new files)
	- sed and utempter upgrades work when upgrading to 9.1
	- Added retry -r command line option
	- Finally fixed the kernel-modules duplicate problem
	- Added color
	- Fixed color, should work better with xterms now
	- Added warnings for duplicate packages

0.6.0	08.27.2003
	- Rewrote the script in Functions (Much cleaner)
	- Rewrote many of the functions
	- Added Verbosity -v command line option
	- Checks for newer versions of slackupdate script
	- Bugfixes (downloading now works again)
	- Proxy support added (Thanks Sir Ace)
	- Added temp directory -o command line option
	- Cleaned up check_for_commands (Thanks Andy Bryson)
	- Changed default proxy setup
	- Added passive option
	- Changed the way that the temp directory is cleaned up
	- Removed -k option
	- Replaced -o (tempdir) with -t (tempdir)
	- Added -o (download_dir) be an optional download directory
	- Changed default server2 to a non edu only server
	- Released 0.6.0
0.5.4	05.21.2003
	- Bug fixes
	- Script now checks for the existence of all commands necessary to run
	- Checks for temp directory permissions
0.5.3	05.07.2003
	- Identify which server is being used (Thanks Russ Gritzo)
	- Bug fixes

0.5.2	05.07.2003
	- Added better compatibility for packages in deep directories
	- Added security option to prevent hacked Manifest files from
	  overwriting or deleting system files.
0.5.1	05.07.2003
	- Bug fixes	  

0.5	05.07.2003
	- Added command line options (Thanks Russ Gritzo)
	- Script now shows status of already up2date items

0.4	04.22.2003
	- Increased the speed of the script
	- Other code cleanup

0.3	04.12.2003
	- Added Support for Slackware 9.0
	- Added Sub Directory support

0.2	03.28.2003
	- Added Error functions (Thanks Scott Bartlett)
        - Verified the script worked on Slackware 8.1

0.1	01.06.2003
	- Initial Test only
	- Never Released

slackupdate is Copyright (C) 2003 by Rob Hunter 
Distributable under the terms of the GNU General Public License. For more
information please read the file COPYING which should have come with
the distribution.